Our Story

In the fall of 2015, members of the Strathcona Regional District, Island Health and participants from local First Nations and community organizations met to discuss sustainability, health and well-being. In exploring ways to address these issues—and the factors that influence them—the potential for a Community Health Network was identified.

The best community health networks are community-owned and driven, where participants share a commitment to helping people in their region attain the highest possible level of health and well-being. Community-based solutions are fueled by the energy and support of people working together to identify local health issues, bringing together the people and resources needed to create change.

First Community Forum
In June 2015 more than 170 people from across the region gathered at Thunderbird Hall in Campbell River to discuss the creation of a Community Health Network in the Strathcona region. The event was co-hosted by Island Health and the Strathcona Regional District and supported by the Campbell River and District Division of Family Practice, the First Nations Health Authority, the Inter Tribal Health Authority, and the Kwakiutl District Council.

See the June 2015 Event Report for more information.

Second Community Forum
Following the inaugural event, a second large gathering was held in November to begin planning for the future of the Strathcona Community Health Network.  See the November 2015 Event Report where it was agreed to form a governance group. 

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Establishing a Governance Model
Monthly governance meetings were held from February 2016 to develop a governance model, terms of reference, and to agree the coordinator role and were summaries in a Year 1 Progress Report.

The inaugural Table of Partners meeting was held in October 2016.