• Remote and regional network development

  • Capacity building

  • Encouraging collaboration

2018 Activities



Strategic Priority: Network Development

Network development is central to the Strategic Goals of the Strathcona Community Health Network. Network development is an ongoing process that includes building relationships, understanding and trust; it is vital to building common agendas, initiating collaborative projects, and increasing trust.

Providing the region with additional capacity to connect across regions and sectors, leverage funding, and support collaboration have been identified as important ways of achieving the social determinant goals of the Network.

Remote and regional engagement was identified as a key priority at the Community Forums (June and November, 2015), and was reiterated in the Interim Governance Group Work Plan (September 2016) and the Table of Partners Work Plan (March 2017).

Data sources: Strathcona Community Health Network Forum Report (June 2015), Strathcona Community Health Network Forum Report (November 2015).