Who We Are

The Strathcona Community Health Network is an intersectoral collaborative partnership that works to address health and well-being upstream, focusing on root causes before people get sick. Our aim is to address the social determinants of health at a systems level. Importantly, the Health Network is not involved in looking at deficiencies of health services.

Social determinants of health include economic status, early childhood development, education, housing, justice and social support that can contribute to or detract from our health and wellbeing. The social determinants of health that the Health Network is focusing on are in our Strategic Plan. They include: Healthy Children, Food Security, Ageing and Caregiver Support, Connectivity, Transport, Cultural Safety, and Housing.

The work of the Health Network is directed by a cross-sectoral group called the Table of Partners.


The Table of Partners provides a mechanism to engage, mobilize and leverage action beyond what one community, organization or individual can achieve alone. It helps drive the direction for action taken by the Health Network.


The Strathcona Community Health Network works in the Strathcona Regional District on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada.


The Health Network started in the fall of 2015 when members of the Strathcona Regional District, Island Health and participants from local First Nations and community organizations met to discuss sustainability, health and well-being.