Mission and Values


To improve the health and well-being of communities in the Strathcona region by focusing on root causes before people get sick.


The Strathcona Community Health Network is an inter-sectoral collaborative partnership that works to address health and well-being upstream by addressing the social determinants of health at a systems level.

The aim of the Strathcona Community Health Network is to bring together people from wide-ranging backgrounds, roles and perspectives to take action on issues that impact health and well-being in their communities. The Network is a place to:

  • Exchange knowledge and build common understanding of issues
  • Align around a common vision to amplify impact on shared priorities
  • Strengthen relationships and build trust by collaborating on shared projects
  • Engage in collaborative problem solving to encourage innovation and efficiency

How We Work

Network development is non-linear and based on recognising that each initiative is unique. Just as each community and stakeholder group has different needs and challenges, each strategic goal has areas of strength and areas for development.

The Health Network seeks to:

  • embrace collaboration to spur innovation, create efficiency and maximize impact
  • solutions oriented and asset based
  •  build on existing strengths and opportunities within the Strathcona region
  • encourage capacity building approach so the community is strengthened and partners grow and improve their knowledge, skills and infrastructure through engaging with the network  
  •  are adaptive and responsive, acknowledge the diversity member communities and changing community contexts
  • acknowledge issues of equity related to vulnerable populations
  •  integrate culturally appropriate practices and honor traditional knowledge
  • are evidence-informed, balancing the best available data with local knowledge in collaborative decisions
  • are inclusive and transparent
  • encourage membership from a diverse spectrum of groups

The Network will support organisations to achieve their mandate and increase the region’s ability to build healthy communities by: collecting data; connecting and supporting initiatives; influencing decisions; and leveraging resources. It will not replicate the work of existing organisations or structures, but will convene action tables to assist initiating, leading and evaluating action when no clear lead organisation or group is evident to drive the work forward.